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The Pop-up Magic Unfolds:

  • Select the space and dates you would like to organize your pop-up store in

    • We have spaces for your pop-up stores all over Switzerland some online and some offline (yes, Switzerland still is a little conservative this is why we can’t publish all our pop-up gems). If you do not find your space online you can still send us an email or call us about the spaces we have offline.
    • For online spaces, you can book them directly through the platform using the booking tool or by contacting the space owner through the spaces’ pages.
  • Let us know if you need some help with creating your concept, designing it or staffing it

    • We offer extra services for the brands requesting it. We can design your entire pop-up store and produce all furniture or you can simply rent the furniture you need. Just because Switzerland is a market with 4 languages, we can provide you with local staff too.
  • Review the pricing & tell us all about your pop-up idea

    • Once you have selected your dates through the booking tool, you will see the prices for your pop-up store rental. You will also need to let the space owner know about your great pop-up idea for him to be hooked on your concept!
  • Move forward with the pre-payment or contact the owner

    • If everything is crystal clear for you, we will move to the pre-payment of your pop-up store by authorizing the amount on your credit card. You will not be charged until the space owner has confirmed your request.
    • If you have a question about the space or about your booking, you can still contact the space owner directly.
  • Send your request

    • Your request is sent directly to the space owner for him to review your idea and pop-up concept you would like to open in his space.
  • Wait for the owner’s answer (this will take a maximum of 7 business days)

    • Based on your pop-up description, the space owner can either confirm your pop-up, ask for more information or decline your request. If your request is declined, don’t worry, there are plenty other pop-up spaces out there
  • Once the owner confirms, you just need to sign the lease contract

    • If the space owner confirms your request, urrah you are just a signature away from getting your dream space! The space owner will upload a contract for you and you to sign. Once everyone has signed, you will be debited of the rent amount. Keys handover will be organized between you and the landlord


Because Switzerland is a complicated market with different laws in all counties, we can also help with this!.

It has never been easier to book and move into your pop-up store!